Suffering From Parkinson’s

This technology is still maturing and with your help we can meet our next milestone, proving Artificial Technology can fully support auto-correcting speech, and restore the conversation. .

We are looking for as many volunteers to Anonymous record voice samples. Our goal is to have more than 10,000 so that we can provide the highest quality solution.

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The prototype is still under development, but we are anticipating a launch soon! Register your email address below to potentially become one of the first to trial Flow for free for a limited time.

Please record the following 4 short statements and describe the pictures in your own words

Use the orange right arrows to switch between statements, and left to navigate back

(The recording will stop automatically after 90 seconds)

Press "Start Recording", read sample statement out loud, then press "Stop Recording".

then follow by pressing "Upload Recording" for each sample

Each recording is totally Anonymous

Skip recording level if using iPhone or iPad or other tablet or smart phone

Recording level, is just to be sure microphone is connected and to laptop or PC. If you hear feedback or squealing sounds please using headphones while recording.

To learn more or have questions

or can help by providing feedback, to improve this process