Frequently asked Questions

What is Flow +
The product and Help pages should any most question, but please feel free to connect and we shall answer your needs.
Does it work for everyone +
There will be some individuals this solution will not work for, but sign up for a trial and test.
What language will Flow understand +
First language will be English
What language will follow at a later date +
Most likely the 2nd Generation will be French and Spanish
Will my recording be anonymous +
Yes all recordings are non-identifiable, and no personal information is stored.
What is the purpose of this initiative? +
We aim to collect 10,000 voice recordings from people across the globe. These recordings will be used to achieve several scientific research goals.
What will you do with my recordings? +
Your recordings will be used for scientific research purposes, to improve the technology.
Is the call free? +
How long does the call take? +
2 minutes on average, and normally less than 5 minutes.
What happens during the call? +
You be prompted to read a short single page of several sentences, and they will be recorded.
Will I receive feedback on my recording? +
No, because all samples are anonymous, no personnel information is stored or collected.
Can I get a diagnosis? +
No, please visit your primary care provider or neurologist for professional advice.
How old do I have to be to contribute? +
To give informed consent, you must be 18 years and over to contribute.
Where is the consent form +
You can find it by clicking HERE! .
Does my insurance cover the providing a voice sample cost? +
There is no cost, free to provide a sample of your voice.
Do I need a speech assessment for Parkinson’s disease before submitting a voice sample? +
Who do I contact if I have questions not answered on this page +
Please send an email to
How do I know that the recording was successful? +
When you click the button "Stop Recording" and move on to the next page, rest assured that your video was successfully recorded in our secured servers. You can playback your last recording once..

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