Are you concerned about someones speech

Does someone in your family suffer from Parkinson's, Suffered a stroke, Had Traumatic Brain injury

Skyline Innovations aims to make the world a better place for the people worldwide with speech disorders, Our flagship product, Flow, helps those who are afflicted with Parkinson’s disease, stroke, brain trauma and similar afflictions to better communicate with friends and family.

Skyline speech-recognition technology is easy to use, restoring communication making it clear in real-time. It does not require any special equipment; it can work with any mobile device or laptop connected to the internet.

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What is dysarthria

Why are we solving this problem

Dysarthria is a motor speech disorder in which the muscles that are used to produce speech are damaged, paralyzed, or weakened.

Which makes it difficult for the person to form and pronounce words.

Effortless communication is not an option for all people.

80% of people with Parkinson’s will develop speech issues, over time.

Not being in person and face to face, talking over the telephone becomes difficult.

Our Story

Why are we solving this problem

Doctor holding hand

Over a decade ago I emigrated to Canada leaving my family in the UK. Like most people, my family and I have kept in touch. That is, until 5 years ago... during a trip visiting my young family, my mother, on the very last day before heading to the airport, told me that she had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, and this would be her last trip.


Our voice is such an integral part of being human it is essential for self-determination, learning and development, education, personal care, social engagement, and employment.

Flow could not be simpler to use select who you want to connect with, and with the push of a button begin your conversation.