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About Flow

Embark on a journey with Flow, our innovative video chat application, crafted to transform communication for individuals grappling with Parkinson's Disease. Our unique collaboration with leading healthcare professionals and linguistic experts has led to a groundbreaking development in speech assistance technology. Powered by advanced AI, sophisticated voice recognition, and natural language processing, Flow is engineered to break down the barriers posed by speech difficulties. Experience the magic of real-time speech correction, facilitating smoother, more accessible conversations. Join us in discovering how Flow is changing lives, fostering effortless communication, and nurturing stronger, more meaningful connections. Embrace a future where every voice is heard clearly, enhancing the quality of life for those living with speech impairments.


Our research to support people with Parkinson's Disease and develop a voice assistance Video chat application has reached a significant milestone. We have partnered with the Vancouver Island Health Authority, which has allowed us to extend our team of researchers and gain access to patients who are directly affected by Parkinson's Disease and Dysarthria. Recently, we were granted Institutional Approval by Vancouver Island Health to work directly with patients, enabling us to collect voice samples via our web application with support from a Speech Language Pathologist Jasmine Cload. This approval will provide us with valuable real-world data that is essential for developing a more effective solution.

Word Game

In our pursuit of innovative solutions, we have also developed a Wordle-like game tailored to voice data collection. This game is designed to make the data collection process engaging and interactive.
We invite you to try this game and contribute to our study, and we welcome your feedback. Your input is invaluable in helping us refine our technologies and explore new development avenues.
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